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The Hold Steady

holdsteady1.jpgThe Hold Steady is another band that needs no help from my little blog. Everyone is talking about them. Their new album “Boys and Girls in America” has been highly touted by every music critic and amateur blogger. They quickly became “America’s #1 Bar Band” (self-proclaimed) after the release of their last album “Separation Sunday.” Now, most of what is written about them has something to do with bars or alcohol. I guess they like to drink (notice the can of beer in lead singer Craig Finn’s hand in the picture on the left).

Somewhere in between the bar shows, drinking, and hangovers they manage to record some pretty good music. Is it worth ALL the hype it has received? Probably not – but this is the kind of music you can listen to while drinking with your friends or thinking about drinking with your friends. Hell, there’s even a couple of tracks you could listen to while drinking alone.

Go see “America’s #1 Bar Band” in Lawrence, KS (Bottleneck) on December 6th.

[MP3]The Hold Steady – Chips Ahoy!

[MP3]The Hold Steady – Party Pit


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