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The Changes

changes1.jpgDo you ever wonder what The Cure would sound like if they had more of a Steely Dan influence? Yeah, me neither. But, The Changes have somehow made me think of these two bands simultaneously. The Chicago band has released their debut album, “Today is Tonight”, to some pretty high praises. While there is nothing groundbreaking here, the album is great for good upbeat (somewhat “pop-y”) music.

Their song, “When I Wake”, is the standout in my mind. It starts of with some strange carnival sounding organ piece, but quickly moves into the meat of the song. The rest of the disc moves through Morrissey, the Police, and the Cure (and Steely Dan). Check it out.

[MP3] The Changes – When I Wake

[MP3] The Changes – Such a Scene


October 25, 2006 Posted by | mp3, The Changes | 3 Comments