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South at The Bottleneck

Last Friday, I went to see South at The Bottleneck. I was excited to see them at such a small venue, considering the rest of their tour was going to be playing huge rooms as support for The Strokes. When I showed up (right before the South set), there were only about 50 people in the room, which was fine by me (no fighting to get a spot, no freakishly tall guy standing in front of me). It’s great because when only 50 people show up to see a band, all 50 of them love the band. South certainly felt the love and returned the feeling by truly having a great time. The highlight of the show was their performance of Bizarre Love Triangle when they all gathered around the keyboards and each played a different part. The only problem during the show was the fact that they were working on the monitors between every song. I guess their sound guys weren’t used to playing such a small empty room.

Here are some pictures:





[MP3] South – Shallow (link fixed)
[MP3] South – A Place in Displacement (link fixed)


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