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¡Forward Russia! – Live in Kansas City – Win Tickets!!!


¡Forward Russia! will be bringing their UK – style of dance punk to Kansas City’s Record Bar on Friday (December 8th). To sweeten the deal, they’re playing with Show Me Music favorite Snowden (see earlier post).

¡Foward Russia! is very hot right now. Their new cd “Give Me a Wall” is getting a lot of attention. The whole CD is full of dance-punk energy and, from the sounds of it, their live shows are a must see for any fan.

From Filter:

“Give Me A Wall is searing and energetic, a statement of intent. Anyone witnessing the band live (on their brief sneak attacks into the USA – playing SXSW, NYC, LA and SF) will have seen a sharpening of this sense of purpose. Confident and focused, the band have brought a thousand ideas together and produced an exuberant record that sets out their intentions.”

Show Me Music will be at the show, but I’d like to give away two (2) tickets and an autographed copy of their CD to someone who would like to check the show out (courtesy of Filter). Just leave me a comment stating your favorite live show in the Kansas City area in 2006. I will choose a winner on Thursday morning.

Have a listen:

[MP3] ¡Forward Russia! – Twelve


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Silversun Pickups and Viva Voce at Jackpot Saloon


06_1006-silversun-p-36770.jpgI’m coming off an amazing homecoming weekend in Lawrence, KS. My friends were in town from all over the country, the weather was beautiful, and everywhere I went had plenty of alcohol. Friday night, I got a chance to see the Silversun Pickups / Viva Voce show, and it turned out to be a great way to start the weekend.

Although they just left the familiar West Coast where they play venues of 600+, Silversun and Viva Voce were looking forward to their stops through the Midwest, even though it meant playing venues where maybe only 200 people would see them. The bands enjoy the opportunity to play for their fans anywhere and maybe even gain some new fans along the way. With the way both bands played on Friday night, they will definitely have some new fans.

Silversun Pickups have been talked about a lot lately. The have been mentioned everywhere from Filter Magazine to MTV, and I’m sure the 150 people that turned out for their set on Friday night will be talking about them for awhile. They got the attention of the Jackpot Saloon about half-way through the very first song of their set, “Comeback Kid.” Brian and Nikki played the repetitive bass / guitar line just before the chorus, then the drummer, Christopher, leapt from his stool to hit the crash cymbal that was set about 5 feet off the ground. Then Brian started wailing on the guitar. From that point on, the crowd was theirs.

sspu33.jpg The highlight of the show was the second to last song, “Lazy Eye” which ended in a deafening wall of sound. Brian used this time to satisfy his inner rock-star. He walked over the monitors to the front of the stage, knelt in front the crowd that he had owned for the past 7 songs, and began to beat and shake his guitar. At the end of the song he looked up at the enthralled crowd and just smiled as if to say, “How about THAT.” Unfortunately they only played one more song, but 8 songs were all they needed to prove that they deserve the all the praise they’ve received.

I was lucky enough to hang out with Christopher for awhile after the show. While I talked to him, he was approached by some adoring fans. One fan, offered to find him some girls – which he declined. Another fan brought him a slice of pizza – which he accepted. We talked about driving around town to find a homecoming party at which he could have an “Almost Famous” moment and yell from the roof, “I love music.” Unfortunately we never made it to a party because the tour was staying in Kansas City, but we did chat while watching Viva Voce’s set. We talked about their recent success and some of his influences, which include The Secret Machine’s Josh Garza. The band is looking forward to the rest of the tour and a show in December when they’ll be on the bill with The Shins, Modest Mouse, The Raconteurs, and The Killers.

06_1006-viva-voce-36920-band.jpgViva Voce’s set was equally impressive and they also earned the respect of the audience quickly. They had everyone locked in all the through the set that ended with a favorite of mine, “We Do Not F**k Around.” At the bar someone turned to me and said, “These guys are really good!” Yes, they are. They have such a range of sounds that I was worried if they would be good live. They actually sounded BETTER live. Many people there were not familiar with Viva Voce, but after the show there was a line to purchase their cd at the merch table. I even re-visited their cd as soon as I got in my car. I look forward to them coming back through Kansas or Missouri soon. Anyone not familiar with them should run out and listen to their new disc, “Get Yr Blood Sucked Out.”

Make sure you keep up with the rest of the tour through Filter Magazine’s Tourzine. Throughout the tour, they will have bloggers posting on the shows, and the bands posting stories from the road.

Thanks to Todd Zimmer for the photos!

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Filter Magazine


Filter Magazine is starting a new addition to their blog called “Tour Zine.”

From the Filter Website:

Viva Voce & Silversun Pickups‘ Fall tour Filter is launching our first-ever Filter TourZine. The official online tour guide will feature blogger reviews from every show of the tour and tidbits from the band members themselves, documenting their collective life on the road. At the end of tour it will be compiled into a downloadable print format for a souvenir.

It all happens here:

Show Me Music will be the representative for the Lawrence, KS show (at Jackpot Saloon), so be sure to check back after the show!

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South at The Bottleneck

Last Friday, I went to see South at The Bottleneck. I was excited to see them at such a small venue, considering the rest of their tour was going to be playing huge rooms as support for The Strokes. When I showed up (right before the South set), there were only about 50 people in the room, which was fine by me (no fighting to get a spot, no freakishly tall guy standing in front of me). It’s great because when only 50 people show up to see a band, all 50 of them love the band. South certainly felt the love and returned the feeling by truly having a great time. The highlight of the show was their performance of Bizarre Love Triangle when they all gathered around the keyboards and each played a different part. The only problem during the show was the fact that they were working on the monitors between every song. I guess their sound guys weren’t used to playing such a small empty room.

Here are some pictures:





[MP3] South – Shallow (link fixed)
[MP3] South – A Place in Displacement (link fixed)

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Silversun Pickups

sspu1.jpgI was thumbing through the new issue of Rolling Stone, and I noticed they chose Silversun Pickups as one of their 10 artists to watch. This came as no surprise, since their CD “Carnavas” has resided in my top 10 list for about 3 months. This LA band has put together a great disc full of fuzzy guitar-driven catchy songs. The raspy voice of Brian Aubert teeters on angry at times, but the songs will all leave you happy.

Oh – and by the way, they’re playing in Lawrence at Jackpot Saloon next Friday (10/06)

[MP3] Silversun Pickups – Future Foe Scenerio

[MP3] Sliversun Pickups – Common Reactor

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Band of Horses at The Granada


Earlier this year, Seattle’s Band of Horses blew my mind with the release of the critically acclaimed “Everything All the Time” and instantly earned a place on my top 10 releases of 2006. Although their sound is not ground-breaking (see My Morning Jacket), the CD is great from start to finish. The short, 36 minute disc spans a range of sounds and emotions. I would recommend this disc to anyone who appreciates good music.

The Band of Horses’ tour stops in Lawrence, KS this Sunday (September 24) and I know it will slay me.

[MP3] Band of Horses – Funeral

[MP3] Band of Horses – Our Swords

[Video] Band of Horses – Funeral

[Video] Band of Horses – Great Salt Lake

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Jurassic 5 at The Granada


If you’re in the mood for a great hip-hop show tonight, head to the Granada and check out Jurassic 5. While Jurassic 5 is far from an “unknown”, the fact that they have a new album might be. Check out “Feedback” for those end of the summer weekends and/or tailgate parties.

[MP3] Radio – Jurassic 5 (right click – save as)

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