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Apple knows the way to my wallet

When will I give up? When will I stop being a sucker for Apple’s marketing? How many iPods is too many?

They’ve done it again. New iPod Shuffle. New Nano. 80GB iPod. This is getting bad.

I’ve already decided to update my Shuffle. The new one is just way too cool. It’s the size of a matchbook, it holds 1GB, and it’s $79. Here it is:


They also updated the Nano. The new Nanos are smaller in size and have a durable anodized aluminum casing that will perform much better than the scratch prone 1st generation. You can see them here.

In news that does not involve my wasting money – Apple has also updated the iTunes software with the best feature yet. It’s called “Cover Flow.” With Cover Flow, you can browse your music collection by cover art. It reminds me of when I used to look through my CDs before deciding what to play. I had a spinning CD rack and I’d spin it around – looking at the cover art until something I saw spoke to me. “Play me.” If you use iTunes, hurry out and update your software (here).


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