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Jeff Tweedy, Pugilist

tweedy-sunken.JPGJeff Tweedy’s new solo DVD, “Sunken Treasure Live in the Pacific Northwest” hits stores next Tuesday (Oct. 24). You can pre-order it here.

It looks great – I know what I’ll be doing Tuesday night. Check out the trailer here.

In related news – Jeff Tweedy punched a guy in the face. Monday night, in Springfield, MO, a guy jump on the stage and put his hands on Jeff Tweedy’s head. So, Tweedy turned around and PUNCHED THE GUY IN THE FACE. “No! Not Jeff!” you say? Here’s the video to prove it:

Jeff Tweedy punching a stage crasher in the face

After the unfortunate incident, Tweedy issued an apology:

“I really regret what happened last night. I wish it had gone another way… and i suspect had i felt safer on that stage, had security been doing a better job all night long, well things would have gone differently. He approached me from behind… and I reacted in defense to get him away. I didn’t know what his intentions were… and I had to get him off of me. I’m sad that it happened at all.”

Ah – the Show Me state doing us proud….

October 20, 2006 - Posted by | Jeff Tweedy, Wilco

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