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The Decemberists


The indie darlings are indie no more. Colin Meloy took his story-telling, folk-rock band, The Decemberists, to a major label (Capitol). Not much has changed with the band, or their music – now it’s just a little more accessible to mainstream music listeners. Their major label debut “The Crane Wife” is very accessible. Out of all their releases, this one is by far my favorite. I was first turned on to the band in 2003 with “Her Majesty.” The band has grown musically since then, and front man Colin Meloy has become an indie music icon.

The Crane Wife saga (the 2 songs below) represent the range of music The Decemberists cover – all of them are present in the 11 minute, 23 second story/song “Crane Wife 1 and 2.”

[MP3] The Decemberists – The Crane Wife 1 and 2
[MP3] The Decemberists – The Crane Wife 3

October 19, 2006 - Posted by | mp3, The Decemberists

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  1. what is this “indie music” you speak of?

    Love the new Decemberists album. Just great wintertime music.

    Comment by schrowe | October 24, 2006 | Reply

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