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Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club

I’ve been listening to Tokyo Police Club‘s EP, “A Lesson in Crime” the past few weeks. I got the cd to find out if I should go to their show at The Jackpot Saloon (which was Monday and I was out of town). After digging into these 7 tracks, I’m disappointed I didn’t get to see their show.

Tokyo Police Club is Toronto’s most recent gift to music. They put themselves out there as a funny, sort of slapstick rock band, but unlike so many in this genre – it works. They bring a new twist to catchy dance-punk by way of great hooks and intuitive melodies.

Their song “Citizens of Tomorrow” is an almost funny look at a near-futuristic world (2009) where we all report to robot masters. Most of the song consists of handclaps and keyboards, which would not make for a great song in my book, but the execution here is excellent. The meaty middle is filled with a repeating guitar riff and rocking drums. Maybe in 2009, you have to sneak around with rock and roll or the robots will blow you apart (we all have microchips implanted in our hearts, apparently). “Citizens of Tomorrow be forewarned.”

[MP3] Tokyo Police Club – Citizens of Tomorrow
[MP3] Tokyo Police Club – Shoulders and Arms

September 12, 2006 - Posted by | mp3, Tokyo Police Club

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