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Silversun Pickups

sspu1.jpgI was thumbing through the new issue of Rolling Stone, and I noticed they chose Silversun Pickups as one of their 10 artists to watch. This came as no surprise, since their CD “Carnavas” has resided in my top 10 list for about 3 months. This LA band has put together a great disc full of fuzzy guitar-driven catchy songs. The raspy voice of Brian Aubert teeters on angry at times, but the songs will all leave you happy.

Oh – and by the way, they’re playing in Lawrence at Jackpot Saloon next Friday (10/06)

[MP3] Silversun Pickups – Future Foe Scenerio

[MP3] Sliversun Pickups – Common Reactor


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+/- (Plus/Minus) – Let’s Build A Fire


On October 24, +/- (Plus/Minus) will release their latest album, “Let’s Build a Fire” and my prediction is an early comparison to the Arcade Fire. The resemblance is there, but the sound may be too “poppy” for the Pitchfork sect. Still, this release from the New York based band is solid from start to finish.

There are many different styles present and no two songs sound alike. When their songs come up on shuffle, I struggle to figure out the artist without looking. One of the songs posted below (Leap Year) came up randomly in my car this afternoon and I almost rear-ended the car in front of me while looking to see who sang it.

Take a listen, but leave your eyes on the road.

[MP3] +/- (Plus/Minus) – Leap Year

[MP3] +/- (Plus/Minus) – One Day You’ll Be There

[Video] +/- (Plus/Minus) – Steal the Blueprints

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Band of Horses at The Granada


Earlier this year, Seattle’s Band of Horses blew my mind with the release of the critically acclaimed “Everything All the Time” and instantly earned a place on my top 10 releases of 2006. Although their sound is not ground-breaking (see My Morning Jacket), the CD is great from start to finish. The short, 36 minute disc spans a range of sounds and emotions. I would recommend this disc to anyone who appreciates good music.

The Band of Horses’ tour stops in Lawrence, KS this Sunday (September 24) and I know it will slay me.

[MP3] Band of Horses – Funeral

[MP3] Band of Horses – Our Swords

[Video] Band of Horses – Funeral

[Video] Band of Horses – Great Salt Lake

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Sam’s Town

brandon-flowers2.jpgThe Killer’s new CD, “Sam’s Town” comes out on October 3 (pre-order at iTunes) and from the sounds of it, everyone should run out and buy the damn thing. The Killers lead singer, Brandon Flowers, recently made a bold statement to MTV news:

“This album is one of the best albums in the past 20 years. There’s nothing that touches this album.”

Brandon, I admire your moxie. A year ago, he revealed his arrogance in Rolling Stone:

“We’ve already proven that we can write a perfect pop song, but I admire bands like the Talking Heads for having hits that are still pop and rock, but out of the norm.”

…but enough about me. What do you think about me?

[MP3] The Killers – When You Were Young (Thin White Duke Remix)

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Apple knows the way to my wallet

When will I give up? When will I stop being a sucker for Apple’s marketing? How many iPods is too many?

They’ve done it again. New iPod Shuffle. New Nano. 80GB iPod. This is getting bad.

I’ve already decided to update my Shuffle. The new one is just way too cool. It’s the size of a matchbook, it holds 1GB, and it’s $79. Here it is:


They also updated the Nano. The new Nanos are smaller in size and have a durable anodized aluminum casing that will perform much better than the scratch prone 1st generation. You can see them here.

In news that does not involve my wasting money – Apple has also updated the iTunes software with the best feature yet. It’s called “Cover Flow.” With Cover Flow, you can browse your music collection by cover art. It reminds me of when I used to look through my CDs before deciding what to play. I had a spinning CD rack and I’d spin it around – looking at the cover art until something I saw spoke to me. “Play me.” If you use iTunes, hurry out and update your software (here).

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Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club

I’ve been listening to Tokyo Police Club‘s EP, “A Lesson in Crime” the past few weeks. I got the cd to find out if I should go to their show at The Jackpot Saloon (which was Monday and I was out of town). After digging into these 7 tracks, I’m disappointed I didn’t get to see their show.

Tokyo Police Club is Toronto’s most recent gift to music. They put themselves out there as a funny, sort of slapstick rock band, but unlike so many in this genre – it works. They bring a new twist to catchy dance-punk by way of great hooks and intuitive melodies.

Their song “Citizens of Tomorrow” is an almost funny look at a near-futuristic world (2009) where we all report to robot masters. Most of the song consists of handclaps and keyboards, which would not make for a great song in my book, but the execution here is excellent. The meaty middle is filled with a repeating guitar riff and rocking drums. Maybe in 2009, you have to sneak around with rock and roll or the robots will blow you apart (we all have microchips implanted in our hearts, apparently). “Citizens of Tomorrow be forewarned.”

[MP3] Tokyo Police Club – Citizens of Tomorrow
[MP3] Tokyo Police Club – Shoulders and Arms

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I want Girl Talk at my next party


If you haven’t heard Girl Talk’s genre spanning mix-cd “Night Ripper” yet, you’re missing out. Girl Talk is actually Gregg Gillis. He’s a biomedical engineer by day and the most talked about DJ on the Internet by night (his co-workers have no idea of his double life). Some people will call his work “mash-up” but it goes WAY beyond that. It’s more of a ADD fueled tour of top 40 music from the past 40 years. During this tour, he seamlessly mixes Nirvana with Young Jeezy; Michael McDonald with Warren G; Sophie B Hawkins with Punjabi MC. By his count, he sampled more than 167 artists on the 16 tracks that make up “Night Ripper.”

The only thing that would stop you from putting this cd on repeat in a club is the short amount of time each sample plays. On “Smash Your Head” he splices Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy” with Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” and it leaves you wanting more. This is the kind of music that makes people get along. It’s making hip-hoppers (?) love rock, and indie hipsters love rap. Music is music.

[MP3] Girl Talk – Too Deep

(Samples from – Dem Franchise Boys, Dr. Dre, Positive K, Paul McCartney and Wings, Juelz Santana, KRS-One, Aerosmith, Nelly, Smashing Pumpkins, The Main Ingredient, Paul Wall, Alicia Keys, Phantom Planet, The Clipse)

[MP3] Girl Talk – Smash Your Head

(Samples from – Fall Out Boy, Trina, SWV, Public Enemy, James Brown, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Nirvana, The Pharcyde, Elton John, Notorious B.I.G., Beyonce, Juelz Santana)

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