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G. Love is back!  I don’t mean “The Hustle” back.  I mean “Cold Beverages” back.  G. Love used to be one of my favorite artists to listen to in the summer, but recently he’s been a little disappointing.  His new disc “Lemonade“, released on August 1, is full of great summer tracks.  I just wish it would’ve been released in late June when the heat wave kicked in.

The track “Banger” (featuring Blackalicious and Lateef) is what I’ve been waiting for from G. Love.  It’s the kind of song you listen to while drinking on a hot Sunday afternoon in the summer (lake, pool, city park, church parking lot).  The bluesy harmonica over the beat supplied by Blackalicious makes me think I’m sitting in a rocking chair on someone’s front porch somewhere in the south.  And it’s hot.

[MP3]Banger” – Highly recommended (right click – save as) 

August 16, 2006 - Posted by | General

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