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Once the tigers have been tamed


The first band I’d like to dedicate a post to is Arms. Bands like Arms are the reason I scour blogs and websites. I’m always looking for my fix of the kind music that makes me reach for the iPod first thing in the morning. Arms is that kind of music.

From the Arms website:

“arms is todd goldstein (vox, guitar, keyboards, songs). he makes music by himself sometimes, and sometimes with other people. the shitty little disco ep has his friends playing on it: brian betancourt on bass, sam lipschultz on drums, and leah beeferman on vocals.”

The coolest thing about Arms, or Todd is the way I acquired the cd. I emailed Todd from his website, told him I loved his music, and in 5 days there was a copy of “Shitty Little Disco” in my mailbox. He emailed and told me to listen to the disc and send a few bucks if I enjoyed it (Todd – your check is in the mail).

I knew I was going to like the band the first time I heard “Tiger Tamer.” It starts off with soft lyrics sung with feeling over some soft guitar. 25 seconds in you have a feeling the song is going somewhere as it slowly builds to the 45 second mark into the lyric “Your Daddy’s on fire. Your Mommy’s a liar.” Then it rocks. This is good stuff. Tell your friends.

[MP3] Arms – Shitty Little Disco

[MP3] Arms – Tiger Tamer – Highly recommended (right click – save as)

You can buy the CD at

August 14, 2006 - Posted by | Arms, mp3

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