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I can’t get enough of Atlanta-based Snowden’s “Anti-Anti.” They became a band to watch after they released their first EP free on their website – now their solidifying their place in the indie-rock scene.

Well written tracks. Driving Beats. Fuzzy guitars. Shoegazer rock. It’s all here. Recommended for fans of Interpol, French Kicks, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Wolf Parade, and good music. Oh, and they got their name from Joseph Heller’s “Catch 22.”

Listen for yourself.

[MP3] Snowden – Black Eyes


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New Pete Yorn Today!


Pete Yorn’s new disc “Nightcrawler” comes out today. Get it. Preview it at his website.

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Wolf Parade @ The Granada

Wolf Parade is coming to Lawrence, KS on Tuesday, August 29th and it’s about time. Their cd “Apologies to the Queen Mary” was met with critical acclaim (Pitchfork gave it a 9.2) when it was released in September of 2005. The disc has been blogged about so much that there is nothing left to say other than – head to the Granada and listen to some good rock music on a Tuesday night.

[MP3] Wolf Parade – Shine a Light

[MP3] Wolf Parade – It’s a Curse

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Summer’s almost over


It’s that time of year when summer fun gives way to school bells.  The youth of America will soon be roaming the hallways amongst cliques of jocks, nerds, goths, smokers, and skaters.  You can almost hear the synth pop of 80s high school movies playing in the background – only this year, Van She is providing the soundtrack.

Van She is a new indie synth pop band from Sydney, Australia.  Their song “Kelly” sounds like the entire soundtrack of Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, and Sixteen Candles all at once.  Their new wave sound with breathy vocals will have you roaming the hallways of Ridgemont High in no time.  Man, I need a new Trapper Keeper.

[MP3] Van She – Kelly (right click – save as)

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Everyone’s Starting Over


From The Diggs’ website:

 “The Diggs coalesce guitar driven Mid-nineties indie rock and ethereal English pop with a touch of shoegaze: anthemic pop choruses and emotional vocals with huge crashing crescendo/decrescendo walls of sound.”

I can’t think of a better way to describe them.  Their CD “Commute” has been playing in my car for 2 weeks.  The two songs below represent their range.

“Everyone’s Starting Over” has recently received the coveted 5-star rating on my iPod.  It has also been on almost every playlist I’ve created since March.

[MP3] Everyone’s Starting Over – The Diggs (highly recommended)  (right click – save as)

People write scenes in movies just for songs like “Trouble Everyday.”  Listen to this song in your car (windows up) with the volume blasted.  You’ll feel it too.

[MP3]Trouble Everyday – The Diggs (right click – save as)

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My bad

It appears I made my first mistake in months by uploading Arms’ “Shitty Little Disco” (which is a GREAT song as well) in my “Tiger Tamer” post.  Wow.  That must have been terribly confusing.  Never to fear – Here is the actual song.

 [MP3] Arms – Tiger Tamer

(Thanks to Lisa for pointing it out)

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KEXP Song of the Day

From the “I told you so” category:  Arms’ “Tiger Tamer” is the song of the day today at KEXP (Seattle).

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